Drunk Man Assaults Woman in Ermita

A man identified as Norberto Canonayon, 37 years old, attacked a Thelma Susmeña after being requested to turn the noise down in the wee hours of the night, Monday, June 13. An initial investigation was made by PO2 Lorenzo Catarata and the details are as follows; The victim, Thelma Susmeña, 48 years old, was beaten and stabbed by Norberto Canonayon, along her residence area in Muelle Del Rio, Ermita, Manila. According to the victim, she was awakened at around 12:30 am by the noise of men on their drinking session and decided to proceed outside to advise them to keep the noise down. This angered the suspect and in order to express his anger, he poured a pale of water on the woman and eventually pulled her out of the house to beat her. During the beating, the victim was able to stab her attacker, but the suspect managed to gain access to the knife and stabbed her in the neck.

After the incident, the security guard of the Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center called the police as both the victim and the suspect were brought in for immediate medical treatment. This case is handled by Lawton PCP as they responded to the scene of the crime and did their duty as the police. Documents of the case are now being sort and handled in preparation for inquest proceedings.

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