9 Facts About Being an Only Child

There are some stereotypes about how people who are born an only child are spoiled, weird, or unsociable. There are so much speculation and generalization about how an only child is. Here are 9 facts about people who are born an only child to help you understand them better: (disclaimer: this might be true for some, but does not necessarily apply to all people who are the only son or daughter of their parents.)

  1. We are best friends with our parents

We spend an awful lot of time with our parents because they are the first friends we have. They also bring us to most of their events because they want to spend as much time with us being their only child. Since we don’t have siblings, we have their undivided attention and we actually open up to them more because they are the ones we get to hang out with and spend time with the most. Having our parent as our best friends also mean that we spend a lot of time with their adult friends and this helps us develop some communication skills and interpersonal skills.

2. We consider our friends as our siblings

We are very clingy friends because our friends are the closest thing to siblings we can have. We sometimes want to have siblings because of the stories you tell us, but then remember also how we love being an only child. We do imagine what it would be like to have a sibling, but we find satisfaction in that fact that our friends are our siblings.

3. We have strict parents

Well, we know that this is not exclusive to people who are born an only child, but this is a commonality between most of them. Having only us to take care of, our parents tend to become overprotective. They try to do their best to keep us out of harm’s way like every other parent, but being an only child takes you to another level of protection. Having no siblings mean that we have to always bring a friend along, or have a chaperone to be able to travel and go to places. We get a little less freedom, but we know that it’s because of the love they have for us.

4. We learn to entertain ourselves

Being alone most of the time, we learn to entertain ourselves by whatever means is necessary. Be it playing with toys that do not require other players. We learn to spend time on hobbies like arts and crafts, or video games, those things we can do alone. We develop our personal skills by this because we are not forced to them, but it is the only way to escape the boredom of being alone.

5. We are close to our yayas

When our parents are not around, it is usually our yayas who are left to keep you company. Besides preparing your meals and fixing up the house, they also become your friend because they will be ready to listen to your after school stories. They are also the ones you bring with you as a chaperon when your parents won’t allow you to go alone.

6. We learn to be independent

Being an only child have taught us that we have to develop ourselves and not try to depend on other people for the things we want. We learn to become independent early in life because we have only ourselves to take care of and depend on in times of adversity. We can run to our friends or family during problems, but we learn that spending some time alone on the things we love like our hobbies, can help get us back on track.

7. We don’t always get what we want

The common misconception with being an only child is that we get everything we want when we want. This might be the case for some but definitely not for all. Our parents are just like any of the other parents. They want us to be happy, but they also impose rules on us to teach us that life will not give us everything we want. There are perks like not having to share or have sibling rivalries, but this does not assure us that our parents will also give us everything we want.

8. We like going out with our friends

Being an only child means that we are alone most of the time and like normal human beings, we crave some time to chill and hang out with friends. Being used to being alone, it is hard for to adjust to what other people want because were so used to following whatever we want. But we learn that life is not always getting what you want but it is also about building relationships with people around you, who will be there for you always.

9. We still like spending time alone

Yes, hanging out with friends and family is fun, but there’s a certain comfort we find in being alone. As much as we love spending time with the people around us, we sometimes need our space because that’s what we are used to. Being alone helps us think and be able to express ourselves more freely.  

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