For The Love of Bacon: Bake N’ Bacon

Most of us love bacon, and people have been looking for a place that serves bacon for other than breakfast. Well, I’ve got some exciting news for you! There is a new restaurant in the South that serves bacon in different ways and for different times of the day. Wondering where this Bacon-haven may be? You will find Bake N’ Bacon, a newly opened restaurant, in Ayala Malls, Solenad 3, Nuvali.
Once you enter the place, the staff will be welcoming you with all smiles and a positive attitude. Your eyes will have fun looking around the bright orange walls and modern interior design of the restaurant, while being able to get a whiff of freshly-cooked bacon. They have a charging station which has about 9 ports for your Apple or Android phones, and a wall full of neatly-arranged photos of their food and of their costumers. There are books you can read and board games like monopoly and jengga free for you and your family and friends to play with, or to pass time while waiting for your food not that you’d have to wait long. Bake N’ Bacon is a pet-friendly place so feel free to bring your furry (or non-furry) friends here. The place looks all bright and fun, but it also gives out a relaxing feel with songs playing not so loudly and comfortable couches you can sit in. The restaurant is also air-conditioned and they have fast and free wifi, which makes your stay and experience there a good one.
From a wide selection of their Bacon-inspired and Bacon-infused dishes, they recommend one of their bestsellers; the Maple Fried Chicken (P258) which already comes with iced tea or dalandan juice, and a side of Baked Potatoes (P89). After just a few minutes, the order arrived and they looked and smelled appetizing. The Baked Potatoes were baby potatoes coated in a special cheese sauce with maple syrup and bacon pieces. You could feel them melt and roll inside your mouth with the sweetness and saltiness of the sauce blending well together. Next, the Maple Fried Chicken was put to the test. The serving came with 3 pieces of boneless chicken, an egg, and bacon fried rice in a ceramic bowl. The chicken resembled Bonchon’s looks, but the taste of it was different. As you bite into it, you will encounter a crispy outer layer and discover the juicy meat inside of it. The flavors were savory with a hint of sweetness from maple syrup, but this was mostly on the coating and the chicken was quite plain. The bacon fried rice that came with it was also well seasoned with just enough salt, pepper, and bacon bits. When you try them together, you will be able to taste the simpleness of the fried rice complements the bright flavors of the maple friend chicken. They serve a whole lot more kinds of food like burgers, mac n’ cheese, and they even have bacon-crusted cheesecake. They also offer light beer for the older crowd who want to relax and unwind there.
All in all, visiting Bake N’ Bacon is worth a try for you, your family, or your barkada. So, if ever you happen to be in the South and in the mood to explore new places to eat in, this is definitely one of the restaurants to visit.

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