On The Employment Industry – Nicon Fameronag

Sir Nicon Fameronag is the undersecretary for the employability of workers and
competitiveness of enterprises under the department of labor and employment. He is in charge of supervising the general offices in Luzon as well as the labor communications of the department. Apart from working in the government, he manages his own newspaper in his province, Romblon.

In an interview with the usec Fameronag, He clarifies the role of DOLE, “Contrary to public perception, the department of labor and employment does not create jobs, it’s the private sector which creates jobs. So what do we do? we promote employability of workers, we facilitate the employment of workers, and we also promote the competitiveness of enterprises so that they can be employment generators.”

He also presents the projects of the government that have been started or done in the previous administration. In 2010, DOLE launched a Career Guidance Counseling, to help people be equipped in choosing their course in college, or in technical vocation. It is common in our society that some parents choose the career paths of their children for a good purpose, but it does not always work out. Connected with his own experiences, he wants to prevent mismatches in the course to take, and passion one has. He experienced a situation much like that as he finished a course in business administration as per his parents’ request, but he pursued writing because it

was his passion. The career guidance and counseling project aims to help

With this also comes the implementation of K to 12 for us to be globally competent with

the standards of the world.

They also pioneered the dissemination of labor market information through several

programs. The labor market information contains the trends in employment, in-demand

occupations, the progression one can achieve in a certain occupation, etc. Basically, the labor

market information contains all the information one may need to know about a certain career to

help people make career wise choices. This is made available to the public through career

congresses done in schools and barangays, and through the FilJobNet website. FilJobNet,

handled by the bureau of local employment (BLE), is the official government portal for the labor

market information, which also contains in-demand or hard to fill jobs.

Job Start Philippines

The government has also started programs like the Youth and Employment Program

(YAEP), Special Program of the Employment of Students (SPES), and the Government

Internship Program (GIP), to help the youth.

When asked about the projects of the new administration, he states that there are none as

of the moment. But the new secretary of DOLE, Silvestre Bello III, is already coordinating with

the other departments to discuss and make the necessary adjustments for the current

employment-related needs of the country.

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